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Welcome to porterpolaroidproject.com. This site was the home of Porter Hovey Photography and the Porter Hovey Polaroid Project. Porterpolaroidproject.com is no longer the home of the Porter Hovey Polaroid Project or Porter Hovey Photography in any way shape or form.


Stretch Mark Information

What are stretch marks? Marks on the body are parallel streaks, stripes, or striae that form on the body due to a change in growth or weight. These marks generally appear when the body has experienced structural changes because of weight growth, weight loss, puberty, pregnancy and weight lifting. When streaks develop, they commonly form on the legs, arms, abdomen, thighs, breasts, hips and buttocks. Stretch marks typically grow in three stages and usually change in color. Marks on the body that have newly formed are typically pink in appearance and may itch. As marks progress through the stages of development, they begin to enlarge and become more purple or red in appearance. As stretch marks become older than six months of age, they begin to fade into a white or silver color. Adults who are pretentious to the development of striae should consider stretch mark options. These options include lotions and medical procedures to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.